JPG F-line ‘The Strutocaster’

The Strutocaster

The Strut’ is a straight up top-end Strat type guitar, with only the highest quality components to give you un-compromised tone and playability.
So what goes into a JPG F-line Strutocaster? Well let’s start off with wood, many people are always trying to decide Ash or Alder. Fender have used both throughout various stages of their production and both are great sounding woods, but with a very different character. In my opinion there is a simple answer to this question, for tele’s Ash every time (it’s brighter and has way more bite) and for Strat’s it has to be Alder, with its smooth and creamy mids that gives a wonderful punch when you start to dig in.
As far as neck wood goes I think no explanation is needed as to the use of maple (it wouldn’t be a Strat  if the neck was anything else). Now when it comes to fingerboards, that’s entirely up to your personal preference, both sound great in a different way, Maple being bright with great pick attack and Roswewood having a warmer and more rounded tone. We also offer ebony fingerboards for Strut’s, if you love that bright attack you get from maple but want a silky smooth natural satin feel then ebony is the wood for you.
This particular model is a one-piece AAA grade flame Maple neck with stunning figure that will put any other Strat to shame.

This particular Strut’ has a straight 9.5″ fingerboard radius (standard Fender radius), though we also offer straight 7.25″ radiuses for vintage authentic buffs, as well as 10-16″ compound radiuses for those of you who like to bend a lot (a compound radius means that the fingerboard is conical, so that the radius is 10″ at the nut so that playing chords down the bottom feel normal, but the fingerboard flattens out as you go up the board, significantly reducing choking when performing big bends).

We offer a range of different neck profiles for the Strut’, this one has the Eric Clapton V profile, if you like to ay the use or you like to get your thumb over the top of the neck then you’ll love this neck. Another great advantage to V profile necks is that you get all the tonal benefits of a heavy neck with something that feels light in your hand.
Other popular neck profiles for the Strut’ are the ‘standard thin’ which is what you’ll find on any standard US Strat made in the last 30 years or so. The other popular neck is the ’59 round back’, this is my personal favourite, it’s based on a ’59 Les Paul, but with a fender width and scale, it’s chunkier than the standard thin without being heavy like those early tele necks, a really perfect balance of playability and mass.

Ok onto hardware, all Strutocasters come as standard with our custom JPG Bare Knuckle pickguard assemblies (which we also sell separately to pimp out your existing Strat). If you haven’t already seen our pickguards then here’s what you get. A set or RWRP Bare Knuckle Apache pickups (in my opinion the finest Strat pickups in production today), custom BKP CTS 280K pots (these are pots that Bare Knuckle have custom made by CTS, they have a slightly higher resistance and a custom audio taper to give a perfectly smooth roll-off), a BKP Jensen Capacitor .015ufd (probably the best caps in the world, BKP custom order these from Jensen who if you don’t know are the guys in the Uk who make all the parts for the worlds finest amplifiers) now you might think expensive caps are a waste of time because you’ve probably rolled off the tone on your guitar and thought ‘this sounds muddy and horrible’ and that’s because you’ve got cheap ceramic or poly caps on your tone pot, which bleed off all the high frequencies. The BKP Jensen caps bleed off a lot of the highs but the high mids and the overtones stay in there to give you a wonderful creamy tone without a loss in clarity and character.
I’m rambling again. Ok what else do you get, a CRL 5-way switch and Switchcraft jack, all hand wired using vintage push-back cloth wire and good old-fashioned 60/40 solder here at the JPG workshop in Osaka. The pickguards are full screened with aluminium foil and the control cavity is coated in the finest conductive shielding paint to give he best resistance to noise possible.
Of course you can also order a Strut’ or a pickguard loaded with any of the Bare Kuckle range of Strat pickups and if you prefer to roll-off with a .022ufd cap just let us know and we’ll load one in for you.

The Strut’ comes as standard with the highest quality vintage authentic 6-hole trem with a steel trem-block for vintage accurate tone. Up the other end and you’ll find a set of TonePros Kluson official upgrade tuners, again only the best is good enough at JPG.

The finishing touch, as with all JPG F-line guitars a super thin Nitro-cellulose finish is applied, to give both an authentic look and sound. The reason we keep the finish super thin is that the more lacquer goes onto the guitar, the more it prevents the wood from vibrating which significantly reduces overtones. Also having a super thin finish will mean the guitar will age authentically like an old 50’s-60’s Strat would. Not like those new poly finished guitars which ruin your tone and keep looking like new forever.

The JPG F-line guitars and basses are not fully made in the JPG workshop in Osaka, the bodies and necks are custom made by the highest quality producer in the USA an then sent to us unfinished. Here in the JPG workshop in Osaka Japan we hand finish the guitars, spray and polish the nitro lacquer and then build up the guitars with the highest quality parts from the USA and Europe.


Body – Alder 2 piece
Neck – AAA Flame Maple 1piece with Clapton V profile
Fingerboard radius – 9.5″
Pickups – Bare Knuckle Apache RWRP set parchment white
Controls – 1xVol, 2xTone BKP custom CTS 280k pots, BKP Jensen .015ufd capacitor
Pickup selector – 5-way CRL
Bridge – WD USA made vintage correct 6-hole trem with steel block
Tuners – TonePros official Kluson upgrades
Nut – bone, hand cut
Pickguard – parchment white 3-ply
Hardware – custom JPG neck plate
Finish – super thin nitro-cellulose lacquer, black body, clear neck.