The JPG Pimp-O-Matic 5000 part-2

Well i said ‘i’ll upload more tomorrow’ 5 days ago, finally got round to it.

Body wings roughly cut to shape and glued onto the through-neck

After the wing joints have had time to dry over night, the body shape is then routed and while i’m doing that, i also route a roundover to start the basic contouring of the body.

next the positions of the controls are layed out, holes and slots are drilled and routed before the control cavity can be routed from the rear.

Next come the pickup cavities, a MM style pickup in the sweet spot and a Jazz sized cavity in the neck for the single coil.

control cavity, plate recess are routed and the holes for the through-body stringing have been drilled.

once all the routing on the body has been done, it was time to start shaping the body contours and carving the scroll.

starting to look smooth, but a lot more shaping to go.

Headstock ears glued on and then the shape is routed.