JPG F-line T90

The JPG F-line T90 is high grade telecaster with one incredible addition, the neck pickup has been replaced with a P90. Now, the pickups in this are not just the regular Seymour Duncan or other factory made pickups you’ll normally find in a boutique fender style guitar. All the JPG F-line guitars are loaded with Bare Knuckle Pickups.
The T-90 is loaded with my personal favourite pickup setup, which uses a BKP Boss telecaster bridge pickup and a BKP Nantucket P90 in the neck position, both stock wound so that you keep the single coil tone when you’re in the middle position. The P90 in the neck compliments the tele bridge pickup wonderfully, unlike a regular tele neck pickup which in my opinion lacks character when sat next to that big aggressive bridge pickup, the P90 has a wonderful deep, full and creamy tone which compliments it fantastically. Because the two are stock wound single coils (meaning they don’t create a humbucker in middle position) you keep all of those wonderful single coil dynamics, but not only that, in the middle position you get an incredible frequency range from the big growly bottom end of the P90 to the big bright ‘clank’ of the tele bridge pickup. I truly and honestly believe this is the finest pickup combination for anyone playing clean or bluesy overdriven guitar.
The body of the T90 is made from the highest quality American swamp-ash, neck of rock maple and an Indian rosewood fingerboard.
Finished in the highest quality nitro-cellulose lacquer and with extreme care taken to keep the lacquer as thin as possible to ensure the most natural tone is achieved. The T90 available at the moment is finished in white-blond (meaning you can see the grain of the ash through the finish) and then complimented with a tortoise shell pickguard, this badboy not only sounds incredible but looks fantastic.

The JPG F-line guitars are not fully made in the JPG workshop in Osaka, the bodies and necks custom made by the highest quality producer in the USA an then sent to us unfinished. Here in the JPG workshop in Osaka Japan we hand finish the guitars, spray and polish the nitro lacquer and then build up the guitars with the highest quality parts from the USA and Europe.

Have no doubt that this is one hell of a telecaster

-Body – 2-piece Swamp Ash
-Neck – Rock Maple – Standard Tele neck profile
-Fingerboard – Indian Rosewood 9.5″ radius
-Neck Pickup – BKP Nantucket P90
-Bridge Pickup – BKP The Boss Tele PU
-Controls – 1xvol, 1xtone, 3-way toggle switch (all CTS and Switchcraft)
-Capacitor – Jensen BKP paper/oil 0.022uf
-Bridge – Compensated vintage 3saddle Tele bridge
-Tuners – TonePros official Kluson upgrade tuners
-Pickguard – tortoise shell PVC
-Hardware – custom JPG neck plate, custom JPG control plate for toggle switch
-Finish – Nitro-Cellulose gloss, white blond body, clear neck