JPG F-line Classic-J


The JPG Classic-J does not conform to one particular era of jazz bass, but utilises all of the best points from the history of the Jazz.
So where to begin with this one? Well let’s start off with the fingerboard, I’m a firm believer that rosewood has no place on a jazz bass (that doesn’t mean I don’t like it, it works great on a P-bass), a jazz bass should have a nice percussive punchy tone and when I think of rosewood, I do not think percussive and punchy, I think soft and warm. So maple was a must and when you ask most people how they like a jazz bass to look, they generally answer ‘like those 70’s ones with the black binding on the fingerboard and black block inlays’, so there you go there was no question how the fingerboard had to be.
Onto pickups, all JPG F-Line basses come installed with either Bare Knuckle Pickups (for vintage tone) or Delano pickups (for modern and contemporary tones). For this classic-J I wanted to go for a real vintage 60’s jazz bass tone, so it’s been loaded with a BKP ’60 PE Jazz set.

Wood!!! Over the years Fender have gone between Swamp-Ash and Alder for the majority of their guitars and basses, both give a brilliant tone, but back to what I was saying earlier ‘percussive and punchy’ Swamp ash has the perfect density and tonal response for those characteristics, whereas Alder is warmer and more bassy (better suited to a P-bass). So all JPG F-Line Classic-J basses come as standard with Swamp-Ash bodies (though of course we can accommodate any other wood choices for custom orders).

There are a few modern aspects to this bass that just perfect the instrument. It’s been installed with a double truss-rod with an allen nut adjuster at the heel end so you can tweak the rod without taking off the strings. In addition to the double rod, the F-line bass necks come fitted with two stiffening rods either side of the adjustable rod. These come in either steel or graphite, which both have their own advantages. The steel rods improve the tone of the neck and significantly reduce ‘dead spots’ (these are notes on the fingerboard that have a lower natural resonance than other notes and therefore are quieter). If you’ve played fender basses before and not noticed these then I wouldn’t worry about it. The graphite rods have little effect in dead spots and the neck will have a more traditional fender tone, the main advantage of be graphite rods is that they are significantly lighter in weight that the steel rods, so if you’re concerned with weight, you might consider going with this option. This particular Classic-J has been fitted with steel rods to give a really balanced tone.
The final modern aspect to this bass is the installation of a Babicz Full Contact Hardware bridge which has been custom drilled out for through body stringing here at the JPG workshop. The FCH bridges have been specifically designed to lock down and transfer as much tone as possible from the strings into the body. This is achieved by their ingenious design and a lightweight aluminium construction.

The bass is finished in the highest quality nitro-cellulose lacquer with extreme care taken to keep it as thin as possible to ensure a natural tone is achieved. This particular bass is finished clear with a slight butter-scotch tint to the body for a really classic jazz bass look.

The JPG F-line guitars and basses are not fully made in the JPG workshop in Osaka, the bodies and necks are custom made by the highest quality producer in the USA an then sent to us unfinished. Here in the JPG workshop in Osaka Japan we hand finish the guitars, spray and polish the nitro lacquer and then build up the guitars with the highest quality parts from the USA and Europe.


-Body – 2piece Swamp-Ash
-Neck – Rock Maple with traditional Jazz bass profile
-Fingerboard – Rock Maple with black binding, black block inlays and 10″ radius
-Pickips – Bare Knuckle ’60 PE Jazz set
-Controls 2xVol, 1xTone (CTS)
-Capacitor – Jensen BKP paper/oil 0.015uf
-Tuners – Schaller BMFL nickel
-Bridge – Babicz Full Contact Hardware (custom drilled for through-body stringing)
-Pickguard – 1ply black PVC
-Hardware – custom JPG neck plate
-Finsh – Nitro Cellulose Gloss, body clear with butter-scotch tint, neck clear.