DELANO Just Arrived In Stock!!!

Here they are, whether you’re looking for vintage accurate pickups or big fat contemporary monsters, we’ve got something for you… and of course as with all of our pickups and mod parts, we are obliterating Japanese retail prices and giving them to you at the retail prices from the country of origin (plus a small amount for shipping and import tax, but it is only a small amount). And as if that’s not good enough, if you can bring your bass into the shop, we’ll install them for free.

The first order was a small one, just importing one set of each pickup we were expecting to be popular. we’ll see which ones you guys like and then we’ll get some serious stock quantities in. But of course if there is anything particular your looking for, just let us know and we’ll get it ordered, orders should typically take about three weeks (as they’re hand made to order).


So here’s what we’ve got in stock

Vintage Voiced Pickups

JC 4 AL 70s set (70′s era vintage Jazz bass single coil – set) 21,000円

PC 4 AL (vintage voiced P-bass humbucking split coil set) 12,000円

MC 4 AL/V4 (Vintage pre-EB Music Man Stingray style alnico pickup) 15,000円           note: this pickup comes pre-wired as a parallel humbucker (as the original pickups were), if you’re bent on having a vintage accurate MM tone but you want the versatility of a parallel/series switch, we can re-wire it for you.

Contemporary pickups

JMVC 4 FE/M2 set (Humbucking Jazz bass set with big Stingray type poles) 21,000円 you looking to get rid of that single coil hum and replace it with the kick of a steel-toe capped boot? then look no further.

PMVC 4 FE/M2 (P-bass pickups with big Stingray type poles) 12,500円                        tighter and heavier than a traditional P-bass set, these badboys will handle anything you can give ’em.

MC 4 AL (a more modern but very familiar Stingray alnico pickup) 12,500円             intended to be used mainly as a parallel humbucker or in split single coil mode for super tight and punchy Stingray tone, but why not add a series parallel switch for those big fat three-note bass grooves, cause sometimes that’s what you gotta do and this pickup’ll turn your one pickup bass into a super versatile funk machine worthy of Mr Clinton himself (and I’m not talking about Bill).

MC 5 AL (5-sting version of ‘MC 4 AL’ with screw ears) These Ladies are spoken for.  you might have noticed there are a couple of 5-string MM pickups in the photo above. These are MC5AL pickups that are destined for a custom order 5-string non-reverse thunderbird that we’re making at the moment. But if you’re wanting 5-string MM pickups its best to order them in special as there are a lot of different options for cover sizes and pole spacings.

if you want any more info on Delano, have a look at their website, drop us a line or give us a call.

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