DELANO Bass Pickups – coming soon to JPG

After spending the last few months testing out pickups from all the big boys in boutique bass pickups, we’re proud to announce that we have a new dealership with Delano from Germany and the first batch is on its way.

Now ever since we opened the JPG Japan workshop we’ve been very much on the mission of promoting Bare Knuckle Pickups in Japan and we’ve had a lot of success with that and will continue to do so. However BKP are predominantly a guitar pickup producer and though they make a few bass pickups, we felt the need for a bass pickup specialist.

So, how did we end up going with Delano? Well after testing out a bunch of pickups and reading a lot of customer reviews on the internet, to get a really good idea of what people like (not just what I like), we quickly narrowed it down to two, Delano and Nordstrand.

We then hit a big brick wall cause we really struggled to choose between them, they are both really fantastic pickup producers. They both offer authentic vintage spec pickups if that’s your thing and they both make absolutely fantastic contemporary pickups with uncompromised clarity and low-end frequencies that will make a mess of anyone’s pants.

So whatever happens we’ve found something we can work with, so the next thing to look at was the price. if you buy these pickups in Europe or the States, you can expect them to run a pretty similar cost, give or take a few bucks. But everything’s different in Japan, there is a very strange market for imported instrument parts. Due to the language barrier and culture differences, many manufactureres feel its too complicated to deal directly with Japanese retailers, so they find a japanese distributor who is the only person in Japan who can buy the product directly from the manufacturer. What this means is the distributor buys the parts at trade price, adds their profit (which is often a very high percentage), sells to the retailers (like us for example) then we have to put on our percentage and by the time it gets to you, you’re paying an average on 200-250% US retail value, Yikes!!!

On the other hand, there are a handful of manufacturers that realise that trading through a distributor significantly reduces your customer base (would you pay 60,000yen for a pair of pickups? i wouldn’t. would I pay 30,000yen? yes). BKP are among this small selection and that’s why we’re able to sell them so cheap. Before we opened up, there were several BKP dealers in Japan, but all of them charged about 50-60 thousand yen for a pair of humbuckers, that’s because they’re the same quality (actually i think better) as Lindy Fralin, Lollar, Nordstrand etc, pickups and all of these other guys have japanese distributors, so the BKP retailers bumped up the price so people wouldn’t think they were inferior to the other makers.

Well, i think a little differently and to me it seemed the best way for people to recognise the quallity was to get them out there and in as many guitars as possible and then people would hear for themselves. and guess what? it worked, every month we sell more and more BKP’s.

Anyway this is a post about Delano, what i was getting to is that Delano is also in that small group that hasn’t limited their market with a distributor. I’ve had a look around and there’s a few retailers already stocking Delano’s over here, and surprise surprise, Takaii.

So, we’ve just submitted our first order and expect to get them in stock sometime in the next few weeks. here’s a list of what we’ve got coming and prices for them, just have a look around and see how much cheaper we’re selling them than everywhere else. We’ve only ordered the models that we expect to be most popular, but if you’re looking for something different or you need a custom string spacing, let us know and we can order them in for you (at our regular brilliant prices of course).

JC 4 AL 70s set (70’s era vintage Jazz bass set) 21,000円

JMVC 4 FE/M2 set (Humbucking Jazz bass set with big Stingray type poles) 21,000円

PC 4 AL (vintage voiced P-bass humbuckers) 12,000円

PMVC 4 FE/M2 (P-bass pickups with big Stingray type poles) 12,500円

MC 4 AL (traditional Stingray alnico pickup) 12,500円

MC 4 AL/V4 (Vintage pre-EB Music Man Stingray style alnico pickup) 15,000円

MC 5 AL (5-sting version of the ‘MC 4 AL’ with screw ears) 14,000円(soapbar version to fit EB 5-string basses can be ordered at no additional cost on request)